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The Mummy Trainer Podcast

This show is edited and produced by The Mummy Trainer. You can find out more about Mel at her Blog:


Nov 28, 2018

Are you a Busy Mum that literally has no time for herself?


Would you love to educate yourself a bit more about health and fitness but haven’t got the time to sit and read a book?


Do not worry – I got you! Grab your Zoflora, your cleaning rag (A La Mrs Hinch Style), switch on iTunes baby and listen whilst you work!


More About This Show


The Mummy Trainer Podcast is designed to help busy mums learn more about health and fitness, whilst on the go!


In todays’ episode, I interview Cristina from Smart Fitness Makeover and we discuss Pre/Postnatal Fitness and fertility issues.


Cristina is a successful Personal Trainer and author of 'Burn the Fat, Not the Turkey' (available on Amazon)!


You can find out more about Cristina and check out her Social Media channels via her website: